8 Reasons You Should Start A Real Estate Blog Even If You’re Not A Writer Or A ‘Techie’

If you’ve been thinking about starting your real estate blog, now may be the best time to start. Sure, you might think it’s too hard or you don’t know how to write or you’re just overwhelmed by the idea. The truth is, setting up your website and blogging has never been easier and the payoff…

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4 Lead Generation TIPS You Should Start Right Now For More Real Estate Sales Next Spring

It’s mid-November, turkey dinner hasn’t even been served yet and we’re thinking about how to generate more leads and sales next Spring for your business! The key is to get started early, while most of your agent competitors are dreaming about turkey and pumpkin pie. Most analysts and market indicators forecast brisk real estate sales…

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Build Your Email List Twice As Fast With A Lead Magnet

Have you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”? It’s one of the most important proverbs of online marketing. Online marketers have known for years that building a quality list is essential to a long-term sustainable business. The same principle applies to real estate. A quality list is a valuable asset for…

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4 Steps To Writing Your First Real Estate Blog Post

You’ve created your real estate WordPress blog.  All of your main content pages are in place.  Photos, colors, layout, forms, logo all look great.  But now what – what’s the next step? Write your first real estate blog post.  That’s it, just one blog post.  From here, the sky’s the limit.  This one success can…

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8 WordPress Plugins Every Real Estate Website Should Have

WordPress plugins add functionality to your real estate website and help you grow your business – easier. The list of must-have plugins we’re sharing below will help you manage your website, gain visibility and grow your audience. 1. Forms Our favorite forms plugin is Formidable Forms.  (to install the free version, go to plugins >…

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Where To Find Quality Photos For Your Real Estate Website For Free

If you’re reading this post, you probably already have a website, a logo and a set of design decisions for your website and brand. This post will give you additional resources to help support your branding efforts. High quality photos, graphics and where you share them on social media platforms are effective ways of promoting…

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